Windows 7

I love the Mac, I still use Windows (Windows 7).  What I really love is when something spans both Windows and Mac versions, and both versions work.  You’ll see several titles detailed here that also work on a Mac.

Mail:  I use Outlook 2007 as my mail client (work says so).  I do have several tweaked settings, so that I can easily implement the Inbox Zero philosophy.  Those include having any message that is only to me detailed in red; any message where I am in the cc: line go grey, if it’s one of those mass distributions, it goes to a cc: folder… I also have a small subset of folders I use for followup – using the “@” symbol much like Twitter – an example would be “@Ralph” for emails I want to discuss next time I see or talk to Ralph (there is no Ralph, just an example).  I also have a couple of those folders with team names so when there is a team meeting and someone says “I sent that out in email, can we look at it”, there it is.  I keep my inbox at ZERO, and only check email about 6 times a day at most. The rule when checking email is, keep it, pitch it, or act on it. I do have a “hold” folder for items I will need to use later or that actually are on hold; as well as a @waiting folder, which I hit every time I review mail – this is the folder where people owe me stuff.  People don’t want to be in this folder.

Office processing: I use the Microsoft Office 2007 line of products (again, work says so).  Aside from Outlook, I try not to tweak this too much.

Graphics/Design:  I use the Adobe CS4 suite, mainly Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Fireworks.  Again, none are tweaked, mainly because if I look at an online tutorial on how to perform a specific function, I want to be able to match the two rather than hunt around looking for a command or button.

Evernote: I LOVE Evernote.  I use a Fujitsu Scansnap S300 to scan all the paper I have – my goal is to keep that to a minimum.  Everything scans to Evernote, which syncs with the online version, my Mac, and my Android phone.  I also use the Evernote clipper plug-in for Internet Explorer.

Browser:  I pretty much stay in Internet Explorer.  A lot of what I do for work requires that browser, and some things are either unsupported in Firefox or Chrome, or render lousy.

Delicious:  I use Delicious for all my bookmarks, and never use the utility connected to a particular browser.  Delicious keeps all my bookmarks synced.  What I would like to see is a decent Delicious utility for the Android.  Since Delicious has a Yahoo! login now, none of the titles in the Android Market work well.

Notes:  I use three Windows utilities for notes:

Notepad++:  I love this.  This is an extremely powerful and free notepad which is very useful in writing raw HTML code, and staging article postings etc for our intranet. If it’s something that is going to turn into a published something-or-other down the line, I use Notepad++.

ResophNotes: This works with Simplenote, and online note utility, which I use for ideas, pieces of stuff to remember, basically a lot of things I would write down on file cards to check later or act on.  I use Simplenote for shorter notes.

Evernote handles things I gank off the computer screen and save as notes, as well as things I scan and take pictures of, I also use good old fashioned pen and paper, with a twist.  I’m a huge fan of the Pulse LiveScribe pen, which digitizes my notes.  I have to use special notebooks for the pen to work and digitize, but it is definitely worth it.  The pen also has the capability to record audio which syncs to any notes I write. This comes in handy when there is a lot of activity and I can’t capture everything that is being said. LiveScribe also has a utility that syncs my notes to my account on, so if I keep up on my publishing, my notebooks are available wherever there is an internet connection.


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