There’s a couple of other devices I use on a regular basis, that fall into the “other” category, along with some other recognizable products.

I use Amazon’s Kindle DX extensively. I was first introduced to the Kindle when it was being tested as a print alternative at work.  It didn’t quite make it as a printer alternative, but it is so much easier than dealing with books. I can annotate and bookmark sections of books, as well as send references to Twitter. I also have the Kindle application on my Mac, my PC, and my Android. Many titles are free, and even though there is a new model of the Kindle, I’m very happy with the DX model. However, I’m using iPad more – I still use the Kindle app (and Kobo and Nook). I gave the Kindle to my mother-in-law, she loves it.

In the fast food department, the Big Mac is a classic, but I’m equally hooked on Burger King’s original Whopper (no pickles, please). You remember the Whopper, it’s the sandwich they still have but rarely advertise, because they are too busy trying to trump the other fast food chains with the most horrendous deathburger (that “Enormous” Omelet breakfast sandwich was a contender for sure). I don’t really need to be eating Big Macs or Whoppers, so I don’t do it that often. I do like Subway. And every November I have to hunt down McRib. Even though it’s completely “processed”, I have to snag a couple every year at least.


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