android apps

Update 1/25/14: I am on the verge of giving Android a kick in the pants again.

I currently use the HTC PlusOne phone. I originally had a Google Nexus One phone. (Android 4.1.2). I don’t use a ton of apps on the phone, just what I really need, mainly because the phone is no longer supported in Google’s Android plans because it is over 18 months old.

I have a love/hate relationship with Android. It does feel like the wild west, and I’m not in any mood to customize it. Of the 44 applications on my Android phone, I only chose ten. The rest are pushed on me by Google, and they take up a ton of space.

I can use this phone as a wireless hotspot for up to eight devices, and that is the main reason I stick with Android.

I’ve resigned to the fact that I only use my phone for a few core things – calls (I still make those), text messages, checking my calendar/tasks, and sometimes one of the apps below. Otherwise, my Android use isn’t too exciting.

LastPass: I switched from LastPass to 1Password and have since switched back. I didn’t like the subscription model, but it’s only $12/year and completely worth it. I had too many issues with 1Password being what I call “pseudo-proprietary” – it didn’t play nice with Android, and was a complete ass pain to use online.

G-Tasks: This is my to-do app on Android. I finally embraced Google Tasks, and can use it on iPad (calendars5 by Readdle) and on my Android with this app. Stopped using this – I migrated to Asana. More on this later.

Browser: I killed off Google Chrome (53mb!) and use the default on the rare occasion I actually use the browser.

Calendar: I have the default setup to sync with Google Calendar, although most of the entry is done on Calendars5 on my iPad.

EasyFSQ: Sometimes I forget to check in using Foursquare. This app has a list of WiFi locations, and when I’m near one of them, it checks me in to the corresponding location. For instance, if I’m near my local Starbucks, it checks me in because I have that WiFi network stored in the list.

Evernote: the mobile version of this great note cataloging app. Still completely sucks to use on a phone, I have it there just in case I need the info.

Foursquare: I use Foursquare, but just for personal use. I don’t check in with friends, etc. I use an IFTTT recipe to push all the check-ins to my calendar, so I know where I was when. Very helpful sometimes. I could care less about mayorships and badges. It is nice to see discounts and deals sometimes when I check in. Latest: I saved $19 at Kohl’s for checking in on Foursquare.

GMail: I can manage multiple Gmail accounts with this app.

Google Voice: Excellent App. I was an early adopter of Voice, and I’ve made/received over 10,000 calls so far.

Key Ring: Keeps all my frequency cards for the grocery store in one app, although the barcode portion doesn’t work well in some stores (won’t scan) if they have older barcode readers. This app is also available for iOS.

Locale: Fantastic app that allows me to build conditions (just like If this, Then that) to change phone settings. One condition I have set up is for Locale to silence my phone whenever the GPS detects I am in church.

Navigation: I use this frequently. This is one of the major features that keeps me tied to Android. However, the changes over the summer drove me over to Windows Phone for a while. Google needs to make this easier to use.

Twitter: I now use the official Twitter client on my phone.


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